Sell Rural Land Fast: Top Hacks to Know for a Quick Sale

If you’re a landowner looking to sell rural land fast you may have questions about selling your property. You want to get the highest price for your land as quickly as possible. But with so many different things to think about when it comes to selling rural land, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide full of tips and tricks that will help make your sale go smoothly from start to finish.

Sell Rural Land Fast: Tips and Ideas to Expedite Your Sale!

1. Make Sure You Understand the True Value of Your Land.

The first step to selling your rural land is understanding its true value. You’ll need to know what other similar properties have sold for and any improvements they’ve made to their property. Additionally, sellers need to be aware of the condition of their land before listing it for sale.

As you’re getting ready to put your rural land up for sale, it’s essential to know what the market is for your property. This can be done by hiring a Land Broker/Agent who specializes in rural property sales. Your Land Broker can get you a Comparative Market Analysis of your property, this is known as a CMA.

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Then, you can compare your listing with similar listings in the area. Why? Because if they’re selling faster than yours, there may be something wrong with your listing! Or fewer buyers are looking at land because of economic conditions or something specific about the market.

The benefit of comparing listings is that it gives you insight into how others are marketing their properties so that you can improve your strategy and increase sales velocity on your piece of land!

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2. Patience is a Virtue in Selling Rural Land.

When you’re selling rural land, patience is a virtue. It can take a long time to sell property, and the process can get frustrating as you wait for offers from potential buyers. The length of time it takes depends on several factors:

  • The market for your property
  • The price point at which you’re listing your property
  • The time of year and if the economy is a buyers or sellers market.
  • Tell a good story about your property, and include plenty of videos and pictures.
  • Make your property stand out from the rest, use LandLeaders custom mapping tool.

3. Make Sure there Won’t Be Any Issues with a Closing

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Make sure you have all the necessary legal paperwork available. You’ll want to ensure that your title, estate, trust, surveys and easements are ordered before putting it on the market or trying to sell your land quickly. This includes things like addressing any liens or encumbrances from the property and ensuring you have a clear title for the land.

4. Land Sale Closing Made Quick and Easy with LandLeader!

If you want to sell your rural land as fast as possible, LandLeader is the best option.

We use technology that makes selling land easier than ever. So if you want a quick sale with minimal effort,  any of our LandLeader Brokerages is the way to go!

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Our marketing efforts do more than showcase properties on our website. Instead, we strategically promote the properties through a complete marketing plan, including listings on hundreds of websites, magazines, email newsletters, social media, trade shows, internet ads and catalogs.


Selling rural land can be challenging but possible with the right approach. First, you need to know where to start and how much time you have available for this process. Then, you can sell your rural land faster than expected without spending too much money or time on it in many ways. With over 200 land brokers representing over 35 states, the LandLeader system promotes thousands of properties for sale.