What Is Recreational Land? 

Many buyers looking to purchase rural land will run into a specific category: Recreational land. But what is recreational land, and is it what you’re looking for? Here we will be breaking down a definition of the term, and some examples of properties that can fit the category.

What is Recreational Land? Discover the Joys and Benefits of Owning Your Retreat

What is recreational land

What Does Recreational Land Mean?

Recreational land can be defined as any piece of property with land used for purposes of recreation. This specific use can be anything from hunting, fishing, ATV-ing, camping, or any combination of the like. The main difference between this type of property and any other rural property can be profit, as many other rural properties like this are purchased for reasons such as farming, ranching, or timber harvesting.

Can You Build House on This Land?

This usually depends on a given property’s zoning restrictions, but assuming local authorities have permitted it, then yes! Many properties falling into this category may have cabins or other forms of housing built on them as a means to stay on the property overnight while in use. Other structures that may impede use, or that are intended for the profitability of the land, may remove a piece of land from the recreational category.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Recreational Land?

Typically this type of land is used for friends and families to get together and enjoy the great outdoors. Many of our clients use their recreational property for weekend getaways or family retreats. Having a property designated for relaxation can be hugely beneficial for overall stress.

This also isn’t to say that buying land for the sole purpose of recreational activities can’t be a smart investment as well. Real estate of all kinds has historically been a fantastic form of wealth building. So purchasing recreational land can be used for enjoyment, then years down the road can be seen as an asset.

What To Look For When Purchasing This Land

Once it’s been decided this is the right style of property for a buyer, the next question that should be asked is what specific kinds of recreation they’re looking to get out of it. Say someone is looking for hunting land for deer, this would mean a buyer should look for land that’s potentially been used for deer hunting before, or at least has characteristics of a good habitat for deer. This is where working with a local expert can be key, as an experienced land broker in an area can know exactly what types of property may suit a given activity perfectly.

How To Purchase This Land

Anyone looking to purchase recreational land in North America can start by browsing our listings. We have hundreds of recreational property listings all across the United States. Once the perfect property is found, you’ll be one click away from a licensed local expert who can help every step of the way.

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