Texas Deer Hunting Guide: Beyond Whitetails and Into the Wild

When it comes to deer hunting in Texas, it’s hard not to immediately conjure images of the iconic white-tailed deer, and rightfully so. With over 4 million of these majestic creatures roaming the state, Texas is a premier destination for whitetail hunting, supporting local economies and providing thrilling experiences for hunters from all walks of life. For those seeking a comprehensive Texas deer hunting guide, this vast state offers much more than just whitetail adventures.

However, amidst the vast expanse of Texas wilderness, a lesser-known tale of mule deer and elk hunting is waiting to be explored.

Wildlife Systems, Inc. (WSI), a reputable outfitting and wildlife management operation, has pioneered exceptional hunting experiences across nearly 900,000 acres of privately owned land. While WSI has long been synonymous with whitetail deer hunting, they also offer remarkable opportunities for mule deer and elk, adding depth to Texas’ hunting landscape.

Texas Deer Hunting Guide: Understanding the Common Deer

Texas is renowned for its diverse and abundant deer hunting opportunities, with each region offering a unique experience for hunters. The brush country in South Texas is legendary for producing large, impressive whitetails.

Meanwhile, the Hill Country in Central Texas is celebrated for its vast deer population, providing numerous hunting opportunities. In West Texas, vast ranchlands offer excellent hunting experiences known for their quality.

WSI (Wildlife Systems Inc.) offers tailored whitetail hunting packages across these prime regions. Partnering with private landowners, WSI ensures quality and sustainable hunting through effective management services. Their dedication has resulted in a remarkable 95% success rate, with most clients successfully tagging a desirable buck.

WSI’s diverse hunting packages cater to a variety of needs. They offer properties ideal for corporate outings, featuring luxurious accommodations and amenities perfect for entertaining guests. Family-friendly camps and options for solo hunters seeking a personal adventure are also available.

Most of these properties are expansive, low-fenced areas, though WSI also provides opportunities on high-fenced ranches with native, wild whitetails. Importantly, WSI does not offer released deer hunts, ensuring a genuine hunting experience.

Hunters can use various methods, such as stand hunting, antler rattling, glassing and stalking, and cruising the terrain. A typical four-day whitetail hunting package with WSI includes meals, lodging, a guide, and game care. Pricing varies based on the property and the type of hunt—whether for a management buck or a mature trophy buck.

The Other Deer

For many hunters, especially those from Texas, it might come as a surprise that the state is home to nearly a quarter million mule deer. These majestic animals thrive primarily in two regions: the Trans-Pecos in far West Texas and the Panhandle in the northwest. Given that almost 96 percent of Texas is privately owned, most hunting opportunities are found on private land.

WSI offers exclusive four-day mule deer hunting packages on three exceptional properties in the Trans-Pecos Region. With a long-term success rate of 80–90 percent, hunters can expect to see 10–20 bucks per day. The hunting experience here is both thrilling and scenic, involving glassing the expansive vistas for the perfect buck and then planning a strategic stalk.

The good news for those concerned about high altitudes is that the elevations range from a comfortable 4,500 to 5,000 feet. Hunters can unwind in our cozy camps after a rewarding day in this unspoiled wilderness and savor delicious meals prepared by our skilled chefs.


Elk, one of Texas’ three native cervids, often receives the least attention despite their fascinating comeback story. Once extirpated from Texas, elk have been reintroduced and are now thriving, especially in the Trans-Pecos region. The Glass and Davis Mountains are prime locations for spotting these magnificent creatures, with small herds also present in the Panhandle.

Since the 1960s, localized herds have been steadily growing and expanding. WSI offers exclusive hunting opportunities on three private ranches in West Texas. These all-inclusive, four-day hunts boast impressive success rates of 80% to 90%, thanks to the limited number of hunters allowed each year.

Hunters typically encounter mature bulls, often 6×6, with gross scores between 310” and 325”. Top-end bulls can even exceed 350”. While the quantity of elk might be lower compared to popular mountain states, the quality and maturity of the bulls on these private lands are exceptional. WSI’s carefully managed hunts provide a unique chance to pursue these majestic animals in the scenic and rugged landscapes of West Texas.

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