Yvonne Boone

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Vacaville, CA 95688

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Yvonne Boone

Yvonne lives on a 160-acre ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains that has been in her family since 1941, where they had cattle, horses, and the First California Native Plant Nursery, Yerba Buena. She knows what real country-minimal living is like firsthand, as her home is a cabin completely off the grid. Prior to Real Estate, Yvonne was an Executive Director for Senior Housing in Fortuna, California, for 5 years. During this time, she was able to increase the quality of life for the Seniors by executing complete remodeling, landscaping, and community outreach. She earned a BA in Recreation Administration from Humboldt State University and owns a home in Eureka, California. You'll find Yvonne hiking the trails of Santa Cruz Mountain with her dog, Zippy if she is not out touring property or making new friends with the locals. She is an avid backpacker, hiker, boater and appreciates all outdoor activities. Yvonne is dedicated to her real estate career, with her heritage, knowledge of the land, and a passion to help her clients find the right property for their lifestyle.

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