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Trish Brown

Trish Brown, growing up on a horse farm in the Adirondacks of northeastern New York, embodies a deep-rooted affinity for rural life. Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors, she embraced the responsibilities of tending to animals and managing a homestead from a tender age. Her sisters and she mended fences, mucked out stalls, dug irrigation lines, planted plot fields, cut trails through timber, helped build barns, and gardened. Through these experiences, Trish absorbed the ethos of hard work, which she holds in high regard. In addition to tending to the quarter horses, her farm was home to goats, cows, pigs, dogs, and other farm animals. Her upbringing also involved frequent trips to Canada and up and down the East Coast for horse shows, where weekends were dedicated to team penning and sorting competitions. This passion for the equestrian lifestyle eventually led her to Montana, a place she now calls home. Trish's profound attachment to the mountains, the unique way of life in Montana, and the myriad opportunities it presents underscores her unwavering fondness for this wonderful state.

Life is short and Trish intends to make every moment matter. She is inspired by experiences, possibilities, ambitions, health, challenges, and possibilities that come with change from trying something new. Her joy comes from engaging with her family and doing the things she loves such as being around her dogs and having horses. Trish also has a spontaneous soul and loves adventure. Her adventures include traveling, sightseeing, hiking, swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, cross-country and downhill skiing, ice skating, hockey, and being open to trying many other outdoor sports. These passions drive Trish to excel, pushing her to work diligently and evolve continuously. She eagerly anticipates personal growth and development in all aspects of her life, be it professional, spiritual, mental, or physical. Upholding principles of integrity and honesty remains a cornerstone of her beliefs, setting a high standard that she aspires to uphold. Trish, equipped with these qualities, is eager to establish genuine relationships with buyers and sellers in the real estate sector. Having dedicated 14 years to serving clients in massage therapy, Trish believes that real estate has come into her life, providing her with an opportunity to connect with others and express her esteem for the land. It has opened up doors for more time and freedom with her family, achieving her goals, and following her dreams.

Trish has a genuine love for connecting with individuals. Her goal is to assist others in discovering their dreams and turning them into reality by matching them with their ideal property here in Montana. Montana has a lot to offer, from its breathtaking views and friendly people to its charming towns, majestic mountains, serene creeks, tranquil lakes, rustic dirt roads, peaceful atmosphere, scenic drives, stunning sunsets, abundant opportunities, rejuvenating hot springs, western charm, fresh air, long summer nights, grazing cows, picturesque farms and ranches, sense of freedom, protective environment, and unique way of life. Montana is the best last place. She loves real estate and is passionate about helping people in this process, providing value and expertise to each unique transaction. She is so excited to work with you!

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