Tony Longin

1312 Front St Fort Benton, MT 59442

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Tony Longin

Tony Longin embodies a determined spirit that has steered him through life, achieving his goals and seizing opportunities. Over the years, Tony has established and managed numerous thriving businesses and now, in his latest venture, holds ownership of Montana's oldest hotel, the Grand Union. Having resided in various areas of the state and being a generations-deep Montanan, he not only has great respect for the landscape but for the countless relationships he’s built, as well, that have contributed to his personal and business success. The pure luck of being born here, and always “knowing someone who knows someone,” has inspired him in every walk of life.

Tony's upbringing was in Lewistown, located in North Central Montana. Later, a move to Havre for his high school education cemented life-long relationships and a direction to the University of Montana for higher education. A 1992 University of Montana grad, he majored in Political Science, while also competing at the collegiate level in both football and track.  After graduating from college, Tony pivoted into a different career path and became a police officer in Billings, where he found success for several years, eventually rising to the ranks of detective. After marrying and starting a family, the opportunity to relocate to Great Falls to take over his wife's family-owned and operated retail business (furniture, appliances, and electronics) presented itself. Together, Tony and his wife, Colette, became the co-owners and successfully remained so for 22 years. At that time, his other significant job was “Coach Dad” for his four now-grown children, in football, basketball, and soccer, a role he held with pride. In 2019, the couple ventured into the bar business with the acquisition of Snit’s Bar in downtown Great Falls. Having an eye for business, especially in new pursuits, Tony’s interest was piqued when the opportunity to own the historic Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton, Montana, presented itself in June 2022. With the kids all grown, a second act was in order!

When Tony’s daughter decided to obtain her real estate license earlier that same year, Tony jumped in to do it alongside her, again, always eager to learn something new! Encouraged by his sister, also a realtor, and with several properties to sell, it seemed like a logical step. As a 5th-generation Montanan, he aims to leverage his vast network and connections to assist clients in various real estate sectors such as commercial, recreational, residential, and agricultural. Rest assured, his exceptional organizational skills, business acumen, and perseverance distinguish him and enable him to effectively assist you in your real estate needs.

For Tony, Montana symbolizes home, representing beauty and comfort, and he aims to make his clients feel at home, too. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, he’ll find needed solutions and assist with a successful transaction, all while embodying the true Montana values of hospitality and neighborliness!

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