Mike Stafford

Springfield, CO 81073

Licensed in CO

(970) 630-0094

Mike Stafford

Growing up in rural Colorado, Mike has continuously made his home in small communities in Colorado and Oklahoma. His life has revolved around farming, ranching and Ag related businesses, as he firmly believes it is the ideal path for raising a family.  His background in agriculture includes co-ownership and managing grain elevators in Colorado and Oklahoma panhandle. As manager of these facilities, he merchandised farm products and acted as dispatch for moving the grains to the market.While engaging in farming and ranching, Mike also served as a board member/manager of one of the pioneering Ethanol Alcohol plants in Colorado. He played a pivotal role in establishing the corporation, overseeing the construction, and orchestrating the commencement of the manufacturing process. His responsibilities extended to producing agricultural grains for production and spearheading the marketing efforts for ethanol and its by-products.  Mike has additionally assisted farmers and ranchers in safeguarding their properties and livelihoods from severe losses by offering expert advice on insurance products.  Mike is committed to bringing his lifetime of experience to clients who are exploring the
possibility of entering the agriculture industry or expanding their current operation.

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