Mario Gattavara

Raised on construction sites and an 1,000 plus acre cattle ranch owned by a family friend, Mario John Gattavara (an Italian American), got his strong work ethic from his father at a very young age. If he wasn’t clearing fallen trees or pulling cows from the muddy riverbanks of the ranch, Mario was pulling fish from the many rivers, ponds & creeks that scattered the area. After serving in the U.S. Navy, Mario brought his love of the outdoors and commitment to hard work to the real estate industry. Specializing in land tracts big and small, country homes, ranch lifestyle and agricultural related properties, Mario quickly became one of the top country property and land agents in the country. With nearly 2,000 transaction sides, many very complicated, and membership with the exclusive REALTORS Land Institute, Mario has the experience, training, and ability to market his seller’s properties locally and across the Nation! Working alongside his wife Kimberly, Mario was proud to join Living the Dream Outdoor Properties and the LandLeader Network, to help better serve and make dreams come true for his future customers and existing clients.

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