John Ruhs

11589 S Cloverdale Rd Kuna, ID 83634

(775) 293-2109

John Ruhs

Not only does John have a deep love for rangelands, farming and ranching, and all that the ag-community represents, he has extensive expertise and experience in most aspects of it. John has run his own cow herd most of his adult life and is very passionate about working to preserve the farming and ranching way of life in the west. John has had a very impressive career, recently retiring as the Idaho State Director of the Bureau of Land Management, but what is so impressive is that he started as a cowboy for the BLM riding the range and worked his way up the hard way. And he's done most of the jobs to be done on a ranch or farm. He's a real hand. Not only is there not enough room here to list his accolades, but his humility would not allow it. Amy is John's wife and works for the National Wild Horse and Burro program (BLM). They have seven (7) kids & spouses, twenty-one grandkids and two great grandkids. Pretty good production for such a young couple. A true cowboy. 

John specially loves anything he can do from the saddle: calf roping and branding, gathering and sorting cows, pack-trips into the wilderness and showing a ranch, if the buyer is up for it.

Give John a call. You'll be glad you did.

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