John Boucher

Glendo, WY 82213

Licensed in OK, WY

(307) 331-7441

John Boucher

John was raised in Colorado, where he developed a passion for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and working with nature. His family's background in ranching played a significant role in shaping his relationship with nature.  His fascination with livestock, particularly cattle and horses, became a part of his identity.  Currently, he resides with his wife and two daughters on a Wyoming ranch.  John's daughters are continuing his legacy by developing a passion for livestock and dedicating their time to rodeo and horse competitions. John's enthusiasm for ice hockey serves to maintain his vitality and a healthy lifestyle.  During his college years, John expanded his experience in Wyoming, engaging in cattle ranching both before and after his studies.  Throughout his life, he has been involved in running various small enterprises, which eventually led him to Oklahoma and Wyoming.  John has embraced his love for the countryside, choosing real estate as his full-time profession. He possesses a keen eye for land and recognizes its diverse potential uses. Known for his hard work, attention to detail, and amiable nature, John finds pleasure in team roping, maintaining his family's property, and socializing with friends and local communities.  Whether it's land and ranching, hunting, recreational properties, or lakefront ownership, John is dedicated to assisting clients with his extensive knowledge and real-world experience, striving to give them the best service.

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