Emma Wickens

Fort Benton, MT 59489

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Emma Wickens

Emma Wickens, along with her husband and their five children, enjoy life together at their family ranch south of Winifred, Montana close to the original Wickens Homestead established in 1911.

As a real estate professional, she looks forward to helping clients clearly define their goals and walking alongside them through the process of making those dreams a reality. Whether the vision is small or large, there is always careful consideration needed. Emma’s friends express how easy she can be to share ideas with, and she looks forward to listening and unpacking one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Emma is a native Montanan and has indulged in opportunistic outdoor adventures her entire life. She seemed to always find a way to be out riding horses, hiking, swimming, hunting, fishing, gardening, playing sports, and traveling down beautiful backroads of Montana country. Following her completion of high school, she worked for the Forest Service during her summers as a firefighter learning how to improve forest habitat by thinning out trees with the saw crew. From these experiences, Emma developed an unforgettable and profound respect and love for nature that helped shape her future.

In 2006, Emma obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Montana State University. Shortly after graduating, Emma met and married the love of her life, Eric. They moved back to his family’s ranch where they’ve been actively farming and ranching since. Eric conveyed goals for the ranch including more holistic management practices which aligned naturally with Emma’s congruent thoughts and goals. Their journey of ranch management exploration began.

While she never imagined she’d raise such a large family, it is what she considers her most cherished marker in her life. She loves watching her children grow up with an agricultural background as well as the instrumental benefits of attending a Class C school and a close-knit community. She hopes to impact her children while they observe her and Eric managing the ranch, connecting with others to build knowledge and the active involvement they have in their sphere of influence.

Painting has been a long-time passion of Emma’s. Much of her work illustrates the influence of Western art and the culture and landscapes of Montana. All aspects of life are threaded together, and painting is an outward expression of many things that she loves.

The real estate industry can feel vast and confusing. Emma is motivated to assist clients with the process of selling or obtaining real property that meets their needs. She is most excited to be a part of helping new landowners discover the numerous ways they can utilize their land, benefit from the natural ecosystem, and connect them with the resources to do so. Montana is an amazing place to live, raise a family, or build dreams all while giving back.

Emma wholeheartedly believes the keys to creating healthier lands and animals, and stronger local communities and economies are holistic management and regenerative agricultural practices. She hopes to inspire sellers and buyers through real estate to embrace land stewardship making changes that better the wonderful state we live in.

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