Austin Holm

1312 Front St Fort Benton, MT 59442

(406) 930-1575

Austin Holm

Austin Holm finds solace in the mountains, considering them synonymous with the essence of home. Raised in Townsend, located at the heart of Montana, Austin's roots run deep in the state. While he briefly ventured away to Billings to pursue a Bachelor's degree in sports management at Rocky Mountain College, his return to Townsend was inevitable. For nine years, Austin honed his expertise at Bridger Steel, a company that fabricates metal roofing and siding, before transitioning to Boeing, where he oversees the functional operation of machinery producing titanium engine mounts.

Motivated by a profound desire to excel and uplift others, Austin's journey led him to the real estate realm, influenced by his father's involvement in the industry. Eager to engage with a diverse array of properties and individuals, Austin brings to the table not only his adept communication skills but also a laid-back demeanor that fosters trust and collaboration. His approach to negotiations is marked by finesse rather than force, a quality he prides himself on. Austin's passion for Montana's natural splendor is evident, with hunting, fishing, and reveling in local sports activities occupying his leisure time. Austin is enthusiastic about assisting clients in the acquisition and sale of various properties, including residential, farm and ranch, hunting, recreational, waterfront, and luxury real estate!

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