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The LandLeader® Television show, exclusively on RFD-TV, is the only outdoor programming of its kind; where viewers learn and explore the love of the land, with interviews, adventures and activities that take place on the most sought after real estate in North America, including legendary ranches, premier hunting land, amazing waterfront, working farms and more.

In our 4th year, we travel the country again capturing the essence of land ownership and documenting the transition of landowners as they buy or sell rural properties. Our film crew travels the country to showcase the American landowner and their passion for the land. We capture the landowners’ commitment to conservation, history of the land and story of the life of the landowner. LandLeader® exclusive brokers take viewers on a tour of adventures on their featured properties. From chasing whitetail bucks in Kansas, to coastal properties in California, cattle ranches of the Great Plains, to a traditional pine plantation in Georgia, our show travels the country to showcase 30 properties, the story of their landowners and the lives that they live.






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AIRTIMES: July - December
Tuesdays 9:30 pm EST (Prime Airing)
Wednesday 1:30 am EST
Sundays 2:30 pm EST (Bonus)

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For more information on LandLeader® Television, please contact 970-460-0908. 



Episode 1 - Developing The Dream
Join us as we see what it takes to develop a property for habitat and enjoyment with Sartain’s Heritage Properties in Mississippi. Then we head to the western plains of Nebraska to see a massive property with enormous potential with Hayden Outdoors.

Episode 2 - Southern Charm and Western Beauty
Jon Kohler and Associates takes us on a quail hunt to highlight the beauty and wonder of the Alabama Black Belt Region. We join Hayden Outdoors to see the immaculate Navajo River Ranch. Then we head over to wine country with Chris Bailey of California Outdoor Properties to see the expansive and beautifully developed Planett Ranch.

Episode 3 - Limitless Potential
Greg Liddle from Hayden Outdoors shows us the unbelievable Piedra River Ranch before we head to Eastern Colorado with Jim Digby to see the massive potential of the West Bijou Irrigated Ranch. Finally it’s out to Merced County to see the RK Ranch with California Outdoor Properties.

Episode 4 - The Love Of The Land
This episode features three picturesque and unique ranches one in California towering over the bay area, one in Wyoming tucked away in the woods and another in Colorado near The Royal Gorge. First we check out Wool Ranch with California Outdoor Properties then we head to the Elk Mountain Retreat with Hayden Outdoors Real Estate. We finish up at The Green Ranch for a turnkey property ready for your cattle.

Episode 5 - Big Sky Country
We start in Montana at the Bugling Bull Ranch with Corder and Associates to witness a game preserve you won’t believe before heading to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan to tour Secluded Shores at Fence Lake with Great Lakes Land and Real Estate Company. Finally we take a trip to Southwestern Colorado for an unbelievable opportunity. The Dutton Creek Ranch is a massive expanse of land featuring a wide array of topography and wildlife in the Four Corners region.

Episode 6 - Hunter’s Paradise
The Diamond A Pheasant Ranch located in eastern South Dakota is a bird hunter’s dream. We join Hayden Outdoors there for a tour sure to excite any sportsman. The Camas Prairie Ranch in Montana is limited only by you wildest dreams.Then we meet up with Dax Hayden at the gold medal fishing property at The Middle Fork Ranch. Join us on LandLeader Television.


Episode 7 - Off The Beaten Path
This week we have three distinct and amazing offerings, a rustic cabin on the lake in Montana, an expansive hunting and fishing lodge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and finally the breathtaking Red Canyon Ranch in Wyoming. We join Corder and Associates in Powell County, Montana to see Connors Creek Camp. This place is a perfect getaway for the family with endless opportunities for recreation. Next we journey to Michigan to meet with Great Lakes and Land Real Estate Company and see the massive hunting and fishing mecca known simply as The Fin and Feather. Finally we join Hayden Outdoors to see the unbelievable Red Canyon Ranch. There are few places on this planet where you can literally own your own National Park, this is one of those places.


Episode 8 - Finding Space
This week it’s all about the west with stops in Wyoming, Oregon and California. First we head to the North Whiskey Ranch with the best brokers in the Northwest Land and Wildlife. Spring Creek Ranch is a hunting and fishing mecca that you will have to see to believe. We join California Outdoor Properties to see this Sportsman’s Paradise. Bighorn Mountain Ranch is one of the most majestic and awe inspiring properties on the market today. Hayden Outdoors shows us why.


Episode 9 - Massive Beauty
This week it’s all about the secluded beauty of nature. First up we head to Hidden Lakes with Hayden Outdoors, this magnificent opportunity is truly private with over fifty acres of water on three bodies of water. Then we head to the U.P. with Great Lakes and Land Real Estate to check out the Up North Lodge.  This turnkey restaurant is a destination tucked away in the woods. Finally we take a journey with California Outdoor Properties the the magnificent Pine Ranch to see a place all about recreation.

Episode 10 - Western Skies and Midwestern Dreams
This week we have everything from a hunting retreat in Missouri to a mega farm consisting of numerous parcels in Western Nebraska. We top it off with one of the most majestic and stunning properties we’ve ever featured on LandLeader. The Bolsa Point Ranch is something you will want to see.

Episode 11 - By Sea or By Land
This week we visit a former family compound turned vacation resort with Great Lakes Land and Real Estate Company, a huge and finely tuned farm in Northeaster Nebraska with Hayden Outdoors and an expansive preserve in the Northeast with Maine Outdoor Properties. 


Episode 12 - Timber and Trains
We are checking three distinctly different properties this week. First we head to Southwestern Colorado to see the expansive hunting mecca Saruche Canyon Ranch. Next we head back to Maine to see a profitable timber operation, finally we join Living The Dream to see the Arborway T.T. & Northwestern Railway Property. This place has a fully functioning train yard and rail system.


Episode 13 - Find Your Place
This week we head to the heart of Colorado to check out the Lazy H Ranch with Hayden Outdoors. This hidden gem could be your own family’s retreat. Then we head to Wisconsin for a one more visit with Great Lakes and Land Real Estate Co. They have a turnkey opportunity you won’t want to miss. Finally we rejoin Dax Hayden at the majestic Chugwater Creek Ranch. This unbelievable property in Wyoming features some of the best trout fishing in the U.S.