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The LandLeader TV show, exclusively on RFD-TV, is the only outdoor programming of its kind; where viewers learn and explore the love of the land, with interviews, adventures and activities that take place on the most sought after real estate in North America, including legendary ranches, premier hunting land, amazing waterfront, working farms and more.

In Season 4, we travel the country again capturing the essence of land ownership and documenting the transition of landowners as they buy or sell rural properties. Our film crew travels the country to showcase the American landowner and their passion for the land. We capture the landowners’ commitment to conservation, history of the land and story of the life of the landowner. LandLeader® exclusive brokers take viewers on a tour of adventures on their featured properties. From chasing whitetail bucks in Kansas, to coastal properties in California, cattle ranches of the Great Plains, to a traditional pine plantation in Georgia, our show travels the country to showcase 30 properties, the story of their landowners and the lives that they live.

We are currently filming LandLeader TV Season 5 which will begin airing in July. Stay tuned! Check out our YouTube Channel to view all previous seasons and full episodes. 



AIRTIMES: July – December
Wednesday 8:00 pm EST (Prime Airing)
Wednesday 12:00 am EST (Mid-Night)
Sundays 2:30 pm EST (Bonus)

Plus Bonus Airtimes


 DISH Channel 231 (Free)

 DirecTV Channel 345 (Free)

(CHECK HERE FOR LOCAL CHANNELS – Some are paid premium channel)


For more information on LandLeader® Television, please contact 970-460-0908.

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