The Land Report 100

LandLeader is proud to present The Land Report 100, the 2016 annual survey of America's top land owners.

Since 2013, LandLeader has launched with tremendous growth, innovative marketing strategies, exceptional land sales, and welcomed the best land brokers to join our exclusive partnership across the country. In just three quick years our members have collectively sold over $2.5 billion in real estate in over 30 states.

The network that our owner members have created gives landowners and buyers the most trusted and wide spread group of land professionals in America. Our membership prides itself in using “best practices” with our clients, including creative land marketing tactics, exceptional land knowledge, strong real estate ethics and constant improvement. Our team of agents and brokers loves the great outdoors, believes in strong family values and are purveyors of conservation and wildlife management. We understand there are many options for real estate services, but our level of success proves that our membership allows buyers and sellers to establish working relationships with true leaders in the industry.

In an effort to support land stewardship and ownership, LandLeader and all of our members are honored to host the digital version of The 2016 Land Report 100 below. Enjoy!

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