How to Sell Your Land: 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Selling land is a lot like selling anything else. You must market it, show it to interested buyers, and negotiate the best price. But some key differences to selling land make the process even more complex than other real estate deals. So how do you get your land listed? And what should you be doing once it’s up for sale? Here are some common mistakes people make when selling their rural property:

How to sell your land – Ensure Your Success by Avoiding These 6 Mistakes

how to sell your land

Not Having the Right Information

Having the right information is essential to selling your land. It’s important to have accurate information about your property and be prepared to share it with potential buyers. A few types of information should be included in any land sale contract:

  • The dimensions and boundaries of your property.
  • Any issues could affect the value of the land or prevent future development.
  • Information about zoning laws for industrial or residential use, if applicable.

No Photos or Videos of Your Land

  • If you want to sell your land, you have to show it.
  • Photos and videos are more effective than text. They’re also more likely to be shared, which can help you reach a wider audience.

Ignoring Easy Fixes to Your Listing

When thinking about how to sell your land, avoid making the same mistakes that others have made; you should take a few minutes to think about your listing. Make sure it is accurate and appealing to buyers. Make sure it is up-to-date and easy to find through various search engines. LandLeader platform syndicates your rural property listings, sales, and activity in one place. Increase profits by using our proven marketing strategies and techniques.

Fix your land listing

The Price is Wrong

The price is the first thing buyers will notice and it’s what they will judge the value of your property on. You must ensure the price is right for both parties when selling land.

The best way to determine whether or not your asking price is reasonable is by looking at comparable properties in the area. If other nearby properties have sold for around or above what you are asking, you should be confident about sticking with your original listing price.

If there aren’t any similar properties for sale near you, then make sure that whatever value has been set reflects how much it will cost to develop the land and includes any potential costs, such as legal fees associated with getting permits from local authorities.

Land for sale

Don’t Let Your Land Listing Become Stale

You must get your land listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible. LandLeader platform ensures you have the marketing horsepower to succeed in a competitive national market. We identify your target audience, develop an effective marketing strategy and implement it across all digital platforms.

Hiring the Wrong Land Agent

Hiring the wrong agent can be costly and frustrating. You want to ensure you have the best representation when selling your property.

Hire a Land Agent

One of the most common mistakes when selling land is not knowing the value. That’s why ensuring you have the right information and photos before starting selling. Also, ensure any issues are fixed before listing your property to avoid having buyers question their investment later.

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