Land for Sale Listings: Create Listings That Sells

The real estate market is extremely competitive, and technological advances have made it even more so. To optimize your chances of selling your land, you’ll need to strategically create land for sale listings with the right format for the right audience that will make the right impression. Implementing these best practices specifically geared towards land buyers may be the difference between your land selling or continuing to sit on the market.

Land for Sale Listings: Effective Strategies for Creating Compelling Land Listings

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Put Yourself in a Buyer’s Shoes

When you’re ready to list your land, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Think about what they want and how much they are willing to pay. When you understand their wants and needs, you can better understand the attributes your land has to offer and what buyers fit the criteria.

Make Sure Your Property is Priced Correctly

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Price your property based on the market. Sellers should first look at recent sales of similar properties and use that information to set an asking price that accurately reflects your land’s value.

  • Location—what other lands have been sold nearby in recent months? Do they have similar features as yours? If so, how much did those lands go for?
  • Size—how big is the land compared with others nearby?

Provide Quantity and Quality Photography

One of the most crucial aspects of any land listing is quality photography. Not only do you want a photo that captures all the key features of your land for sale listings, but you also need to have enough photos so that prospective buyers can see it fully.

The right number of photos depends on what kind of land listing you’re creating, but generally speaking, it should be between 10-50 photos, in addition to mapping software and potential drone footage.

Write a Powerful Property Description

The property description should be exhaustive but manageable. It should include all relevant information about the land and its features but only explain general details. The goal is to convey the value of your land without losing the potential buyers’ interest in reading further.

Provide as Many Property Details as Possible

The marketing package should include as many details as possible in gross (as an entire listing package), the history of the property, its location and amenities, boundaries and dimensions, soils, and water resources.

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Include location

When you post a land listing, include details about the location of the property. As much information about your land as possible so prospective buyers can understand what they’re interested in purchasing.

Providing location details is one of the most important steps in selling land, which many sellers need to pay more attention to. If you want your listing to sell, include the location description, if it’s accessible year around or not, how far from the amenities of the closest town, on how to get there with a map showing where your land is located in proximity to the local community.

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