How To Buy Waterfront Property

Many buyers looking to purchase land will run into a specific category: Waterfront Property. As one of the most popular property types in the U.S, the buying process can seem overwhelming. As the largest network of land brokers in America, we will be using our expertise to break down waterfront real estate in greater detail and how to get the buying process started today.

Buy Waterfront Property: A Complete Guide

Buy Waterfront Property in the US

What Is Waterfront Property

By legal definition, waterfront property is any property or area of land immediately adjacent to water and has direct access to a natural or man-made waterway. This is usually proven using a property’s legal description. This should state that the property extends down to the “mean high-water mark or line” for tidal-influenced water (the ocean) or “ordinary high-water mark or line” for non-tidally influenced bodies of water (lakes). Often properties will be advertised as waterfront without any consideration to the legal description. Be sure to confirm this with your agent as it could impact the value when selling down the road.

How To Find Waterfront Property

Once you understand how to find and confirm true waterfront properties, next up you’ll need to find them. Using an online database of waterfront properties for sale is a great way to start. These can allow you to search the properties currently available for sale across the entire U.S. This will also allow you to do some market research yourself before beginning, as well as give you the opportunity to get in touch with a real estate agent to guide you in the process.

Securing Financing

If you are using a loan to help finance the purchase of a property,, a mortgage will need to be taken out with a lending authority. Many people who are buying waterfront property for the first time will be surprised to find out there are more steps in the financing process. These steps can include purchasing flood insurance, getting an elevation certificate, digging retention ponds on larger or agricultural properties, etc. Meeting with a mortgage loan officer before even beginning your search can allow you to get pre-approved at typically no cost, and allow you to have a first-hand contact for all your financing questions

Getting Started

After having a full understanding of waterfront properties, and the steps for finding and making a purchase, the next step can be as simple as browsing available listings. Otherwise, Connecting with a local real estate professional can also help you better prepare, and know what to expect at every step of the journey.