Exploring the Process of Purchasing a Missouri Cattle Ranch for Sale

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Missouri Cattle Ranches for Sale – Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Ranch

Missouri Cattle Ranch for Sale

The Cattle Ranching Industry In Missouri

According to recent reports from the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority: Cattle inventory in Missouri has generally been increasing since 2013. Missouri currently has 3.25 million head of cattle inventory. Roughly 2 million of that inventory is beef cows. Cattle on feed inventory in 2021 is nearly 50% greater than it was in 2015. The Missouri calf crop in 2020 was 1.9 million head. In 2020, Missouri cattle production was estimated at 1.343 billion pounds, and it was valued at $1.669 billion. Overall this showcases both a strong and growing potential for income as the owner of a cattle ranch in Missouri.

What To Look For In Cattle Ranches for Sale In Missouri

Type of Operation – Each ranch you encounter will likely have different variations in its operation as a business. primarily when looking at a ranch’s operation you should have a full understanding of its type of cattle, scale, and possible improvement needs.

Carrying Capacity – A properties AU and AUM are two of the most important pieces of comparative information for cattle ranches. The AUM is the amount of forage needed for one AU ( Animal Unit ) for one month. These are the primary indicators for the capacity of a ranch, and therefore one of the most important in the industry to understand.

Soil Condition and Forage Quality – The quality and diversity of plant life for foraging is one of the next most important factors to consider. Knowing whether or not a given property’s current plant life may need work will impact profitability and ned emphasis in the short run.

Ranch Management – It is essential to have a trustworthy, experienced manager for your cattle operation. Many sellers may offer to stay on as a manager. If not, it will crucial to find a new manager post-purchase that you can trust to keep everything running smoothly.

Water Rights – Water usage can vary even down to a given municipality. Working with the proper real estate professional can help you confirm the exact amount of water usage allowance for a given property.

How To Purchase a Cattle Ranch In Missouri

After having a full understanding of the cattle ranching industry of Missouri, and the characteristics to look for, the next step can be as simple as browsing available listings. Otherwise, Connecting with a local real estate professional can also help you better prepare, and know what to expect at every step of the journey.