Bradley Tonkinson

I was born in Kirksville and as a child moved to New London, MO where I grew up. Every year I would come back to Kirksville area to hunt on my family's farm. From a young age, the outdoors was the driving factor behind how I lived my life, along with sports. From deer hunting to playing basketball I was always passionate about whatever I put my mind to. I went to high school at Mark Twain in Center, MO where I met my wife. As we graduated high school and moved forward in life together, college was the next step for her. That is when we relocated back to Kirksville. I started my young career in Retail Management, never forgetting my passion for the outdoors. As the years went on, I continued working a full-time job, while always finding time to film, edit and post many of my outdoor adventures. I quickly realized I was destined to do something different and my heart yearned for a career I was passionate about. That is when I decided that Real Estate was my next step. After reaching out to Living the Dream, I knew I had found what I needed. I'm just a small-town guy ready to help all my clients feel represented and help the home buying/selling process feel like a breeze. 

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