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"LandLeader takes a small company and gives us the efficiency and economies the scale of a big company. You know, it makes us far more effective because LandLeader puts our listings in front of everyone. I mean, how many brokerages put their listings on 1,400 websites?"
Caleb Howard
Broker - Land and Wildlife (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska)
"We just love being partners with our other brokers in LandLeader. We met each other years ago, and so we have been sharing leads and sharing business ideas with each other. We're not in competition, we are in cooperation. It’s been a wonderful partnership, we are so very grateful to be partners with LandLeader."
Linda Keohane​
Brokerage Owner - Great Lakes and Land (Michigan, Wisconsin)
"It’s owned by Realtors; Realtors know what we need for marketing, and my team couldn’t be happier working with them. They’re just a great group of people, and we’ve got a very unique marketing program that surpasses any other across the United States."
Deb Henderson
Brokerage Owner - Maine Outdoor Property Group (Maine)
"LandLeader puts us in front of millions upon millions of people. We are so happy to have some of the most knowledgeable people in the real estate industry working together in order to get our properties out on the market."
Trampus Corder
Brokerage - Corder and Associates (Montana, Wyoming)