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The LandLeader® Television show, exclusively on RFD-TV, is the only outdoor programming of its kind; where viewers learn and explore the love of the land, with interviews, adventures and activities that take place on the most sought after real estate in North America, including legendary ranches, premier hunting land, amazing waterfront, working farms and more.

In our second year we travel the country again capturing the essence of land ownership and documenting the transition of landowners as they buy or sell rural properties. Our film crew travels the country to showcase the American landowner and their passion for the land. We capture the landowners’ commitment to conservation, history of the land and story of the life of the landowner. LandLeader® exclusive brokers take viewers on a tour of adventures on their featured properties. From chasing whitetail bucks in Kansas, to coastal properties in California, cattle ranches of the Great Plains, to a traditional pine plantation in Georgia, our show travels the country to showcase over 25 properties, the story of their landowners and the lives that they live.




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AIRTIMES: July - December
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For more information on LandLeader® Television, please contact Dan Brunk at 970-460-0908.

2016 Episodes

Episode 1: "Gonna Get Western"

The LandLeader Team visits a Prairie Oaks Ranch in Texas, Alder Creek Ranch in California, and we feature a shared ranch community in the Colorado Rockies called the Maytag Ranch.


Episode 2: "Passion for the Land"

This week head northwest to visit Land and Wildlife in Oregon, then travel to Nebraska and Lashley Land to learn how a winemaker with passion for wildlife and habitat management.
First Airs: July 14


Episode 3: "Wildlife and Wine"

Back to Colorado with Hayden Outdoors in pursuit of majestic elk & mule deer on Brushy Canyon, west to Oregon to a successful Troon Vineyard for sale at Land and Wildlife, and finally we visit an amazing White Oak Ranch and Vineyard with California Outdoor Properties.
First Airs: July 26


Episode 4: "Going Once, Going Twice, Sold"

We’re in the Midwest at an auction with Tarrant & Harman in Illinois, a tour of Briscoe Creek Ranch with California Outdoor Properties, and a day in the woods as a broker with Living the Dream real estate.
First Airs: August 2


Episode 5: "Farming, Brokerage and Hunting"

We tour the recently sold PBM Farms in Northern California, learn about No Fences Land Company in Texas, and finally run with the Hayden Outdoors team on an annual company deer hunt.
First Airs: August 9

Episode 6: "Cattle, Lakes and Land"

Travel to a high mountain Roan Creek Cattle ranch and the Bear View Ranch in the Colorado Rockies with Hayden Outdoors, and then head back to Oklahoma to tour a lake property sold to a client of No Fences Land Company.
First Airs: August 16


Episode 7: "Ranch, Resort and Recreation"

Big Sky country presents Belt Valley Cattle Ranch with Corder & Associates, plus we learn about long range rifle manufacturer Gunwerks, tour a majestic mountain lodge, Magnificent Seven Retreat in Colorado and visit an Oregon Shelter Cove Resort for sale in while fishing with Land and Wildlife.
First Airs: August 23

Episode 8: "Cattle, Horses and a Coastal Ranch"

Join us for a look into the life of a cattle rancher and hunting lease, plus we tour a Blue Sky Farms equestrian estate for sale with Hayden Outdoors and an awesome property on the West Coast, Morro Bay Ranch by California Outdoor Properties.
First Airs: August 30

Episode 9: "Timber, Cattle and Plantations"

We travel to visit with Jon Kohler & Associates in Florida, land with Hayden Outdoors on a 13,000+ acre Historic Francis Cattle Ranch, and finally wind up in upstate New York on the awesome J&J Farms with Timberland Realty.
First Airs: September 6

Episode 10: "Western Cattle Ranches"

It’s cattle ranching in Nebraska on the Mule Shoe Bar Ranch with Lashley Land, learn about Timberland Realty in New York, plus we visit a California Cattle Ranch with Todd Renfrew.
First Airs: September 13


Episode 11: "Coast to Coast"

A tour of a massive all-inclusive recreational and residential Brays Island plantation property in South Carolina, the Murphy Farm for auction in Idaho with Callison Group, and a majestic Keene Ranch in the mountains of California.
First Airs: September 20

Episode 12: "Amazing Vistas"

It’s horseback riding, giant elk and a private airstrip on Old Elk Park Ranch in Colorado, a Oregon farm and recreational property, plus we get some tips from Gunwerks rifles.
First Airs: September 27

Episode 13: "Michigan Majesty"

First, we head to two properties in Michigan, the The Mariner North Resort and The Ultimate, being sold by Great Lakes and Land, then finally, we head back to Oklahoma with No Fences Land Co. to the Arbuckle Ranch.
First Airs: October 4